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Coverage written through American Modern Insurance Group. This insurance is available only for snowmobiles used for personal use off of public streets, roads or highways.

  • Three programs available: liability only, budget package (liability and comprehensive) and full combination package
  • Optional transport trailer coverage
  • Optional medical payments
  • Extra hazard units (701cc and over) are acceptable
  • Liability limits up to 250/500/100 (Not available for all operators or units)
  • Multi-unit, Safety course and Association discounts available
  • $65 - $75 minimum written and retained premium
  • Major violation or DWI acceptable for operators 24 years and older
  • Direct billed policies. Payment can be full pay, credit card or 2 pay plan available for premium over $200
  • Coverage written in NY, PA and ME, MI, VT
These are just a sample of the product lines and/or coverages we write. Please contact an underwriter with any specific questions you may have.

American Modern Insurance Group
Cincinnati, OH

Company DMV code for Vehicle ID Cards: 061