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Recently Written Accounts


Contractors Commercial Roofer 1M/2M/2M GL / 5000 Ded / 6M Sales $180,000 Peter x 34857
Contractors NYC Remodeling Contractor 3M Excess Liability $4,509 Mike x 34854
Contractors Owner/GC Ground Up Construction 11M / 7 Story Building / 2/4/4M GL $235,000 Steve x 34859
General Liability Commercial Real Estate Schedule All LRO 1M/2M GL / 250 Apartments / 250K Sq.Ft. LRO $150,000 Peter x 34857
Package Restaurant With 25% Or Less Alcohol 1M CGL / 736K TIV / 500K Sales $13,334 Mike x 34854
Property Vacant Building Under Renovation 8M Bldg / 2M Renovations / Special Form RC $32,500 Peter x 34857
Property Vacant Frame Building New Construction 1.5M / TIV PC 4 $10,101 Mike x 34854

Professional Lines

Environmental Asbestos Abatement And Associated Debris Removal 2M/4M/4M GL / 1M/2M Pollution / 4.5M Sales $125,000 Peter x 34857
Environmental Demolition/Asbestos Contractor 8M Sales $160,000 Steve x 34859