Recently Written Accounts


Contractors Commercial Boiler Installation Service & Repair 2M/4M/4M GL / 10K Ded / 6M Sales $240,000 Peter x 34857
Contractors Concrete Flat Work ie Driveways/Sidewalks 1M/2M/2M GL / 5K Ded / 2.3M Sales $80,000 Peter x 34857
Contractors Upstate NY Residential Roofer 4M Annual Sales $105,000 Steve x 34859
General Liability HVAC Contractor Upstate NY 1M/2M CGL / 70K Sales $3,164 Mike x 34854
General Liability Vacant Building Under Renovation in Westchester 1M/2M CGL / 700K of Renovations $2,800 Mike x 34854
Package Bar/Restaurant with Over 50% Liquor Sales 1M/2M/2M GL incl. 1M/1M Liquor / 4.5M Sales $110,000 Peter x 34857
Commercial Umbrella 5M Excess of 5M Layer NY / General Contractor 75M Annual Sales / 550K Lead Excess Premium $275,000 Steve x 34859
Property Corporate Office Furniture Interior Design/Commeri 1457000 TIV Special COL in Upstate NY $10,597 Mike x 34854